For the youth of Buenaventura and their future.

The Misson

To guide the youth of Buenaventura, Colombia away from violence and crime.

Our Aim

END THE CYCLE. To fall into a violent cycle is common in these small poverty-stricken cities. The time is now to stop this cycle. The youth deserve better.

The internal war in Buenaventura has plagued the city and it’s inhabitants for decades. Rival gangs have caused the city of 400,000 Bonaverenses to be one of Colombia’s most dangerous cities. One either conforms to the demands of the gangs or ultimately pays a steep, sometimes deadly, price. The children of Buenaventura have suffered the most. Growing up in this type of ferocious environment has left many of the next generation with few options towards the future. Many of them taking the path of joining these gangs as the “only” option.

With all this in mind, we remain optimistic in providing a positive alternative for the children of Buenaventura. The programs we plan to instill in this community will provide a safe haven for many through soccer and education. One step at a time, with a collaborative effort, we will surely reach these kids and get them out of the troublesome conditions they live in.

Our Story

In 2014 we founded Bonaverense because we agreed that the violence and crime in Buenaventura, Colombia was hindering the growth of the youth. We believed that by creating a positive outlet through soccer, the biggest sport in Colombia, we can influence the next generation to stay away from the day to day violence and crime. Since then, we’ve partnered with Internacional de Buenaventura, led by Edwin Riascos, a prominent soccer academy with over 70 young members.

Now, more than ever, we are ready for the road that lies ahead. We understand the complexities and challenges that are to come, but are optimistic in finding a solution for the enhancement of a forgotten people.

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The Team

Jor Arcila


Adryanne Rozo


Ricardo Sutherland

Chief Strategist

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Community Director

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